Hailed by the Greek press as "the hottest name in alternative opera" (Eleftherotypia) and "the 'Wunderkind' of Greek music theatre" (Realnews), Kharálampos Goyós is widely considered as one of the most talented Greek musicians of his generation.

Born in Athens in 1977, Goyós studied with composers Philippos Tsalahouris and Dimitris Lionis. He is also a graduate of the Faculty of Music Studies of the University of Athens. Goyós has collaborated with most important Greek venues and institutions, such as the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, the Greek National Opera, the Athens and Thessaloniki Concert Hall (Megaron), the Piraeus Municipal Theatre, the Onassis Cultural Centre, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, the National Theatre of Greece, the Karolos Koun Art Theatre, the Greek Radio, the Dimitria Festival, the Orchestra of Colours, the Greek Contemporary Music Ensemble, the dissonArt ensemble, the ARTéfacts ensemble etc., as well as several distinguished Greek conductors and stage directors (Th. Antoniou, M. Calbari, A. Efklidis, S. Livathinos, M. Logiadis, E. Lygizos et al.).

His first opera Little Red Riding Hood and the (Good) Wolf (I Kokkinoskoufitsa kai o (kalos) lykos, 1998), one of the most popular Greek music theatre pieces of recent years, has been released on CD by the Orchestra of Colours under the direction of Vassilis Christopoulos. Distinguished Skalkottas scholar Costis Demertzis wrote about Little Red Riding Hood: "in Goyós's work, [we] found something missing from the Greek capital... Athens had long been looking for such a work, and had not found it." His opera A Body (Ena soma, 2007), after the short story by Camillo Boito, was commissioned and premiered by the Experimental Stage of the Greek National Opera.

In 2008, Damage, an Opera in Seven Meals (Pligi, opera se epta gevmata, 2004), Goyós's controversial adaptation of the novel Damage by Josephine Hart, made him the youngest ever Greek composer to have an opera presented as part of the prestigious Athens Festival. The opera caused wildly divergent reactions, with part of the press and audience hailing it as "startling and moving" ( and "a fresh breeze in Greek opera" (I Kathimerini) and others condemning it as "a three-hour torment" (To Pontiki). Acclaimed Greek-American composer George Tsontakis praised the work's "real sophistication", "true flair for vocal/dramatic settings" and "continuous writing, fluid and well orchestrated", while the late author Josephine Hart described it as "fascinating".

Goyós is co-founder and co-director of The Beggars' Operas, the Athens music theatre group that spearheaded the current New Greek Wave of alternative opera. Using his own chamber arrangements, he has conducted The Beggars' Operas's acclaimed production of Verdi's Il trovatore (directed by Ektoras Lygizos, BIOS Athens, 2008) as well as Greek works by Nikos Kypourgos, Theofrastos Sakellaridis and Goyós himself.

In 2012, Yasou Aida!, a contemporary reworking of Verdi's Aida by Goyós, Alexandros Efklidis and Dimitris Dimopoulos co-produced by the Neuköllner Oper, The Beggars' Operas and the Thessaloniki Concert Hall and dealing with the Greek-German relations in the context of the Euro crisis was played in Berlin, Thessaloniki and Athens to accolades of the international press (ARTE, Le Monde, Der Tagesspiegel etc.). It was also considered as one of the highlights of the 2012 Athens Festival and awarded with the "Karolos Koun" honorable mention by the Association of Greek Theatre and Music Critics.

In 2013, a new collaboration by Goyós, Dimopoulos and Efklidis under the title AirRossini (after Rossini's opera Il viaggio a Reims), was successfully played at the Neuköllner Oper. The opera also took part in the Festival "Move Op! – Europäisches Festival für Musiktheater unter prekären Bedingungen" (European festival for music theatre under precarious conditions) in August 2013 and was revived at the Neuköllner Oper during the 2013–2014 season.

2013 also saw the première of Goyós's most directly political work, the "populist oratorio" New Greece (The Making-Of), a savage postmodern pastiche commissioned by the Thessaloniki Dimitria Festival and the Athens Biennale, and acclaimed in Artforum magazine as a "carnivalesque orgy-parade". During the 2014–2015 season, New Greece was successfully revived at the Karolos Koun Art Theatre, Athens, as well as released as a digital album from the FYTINI label.

As a musicologist, Goyós has edited the first ever complete edition of a Greek operetta, The Daughter of the Storm (1923) by Theofrastos Sakellaridis (to be published by the Hellenic Music Centre).

As a writer, Goyós has collaborated with the Greek publications Highlights, EF, konteiner, The Books’ Journal, the online journals and Senses of Cinema, as well as the Hellenic Festival. He has been a regular pre-concert speaker for the Athens State Orchestra since 2011.

Goyós was Director of Studies of the Music Theatre Workshop of the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Patras from its inception in 2013 until 2015. He is teaching at the Drama School of the National Theatre of Greece and at the Athens Conservatory.