"Fascinating. [...] This kind of children's show is missing from our stages." Thanassis N. Karagiannis, Rizospastis

"A touching theatrical proposal. [...] The Beggars' Operas [...] invite children and adults to feel music theatre, giving at the same time a solid lesson in contemporary music education, something sorely missing from our conservatories." Eleftheris Raptou, Avgi

"Special and charged" Angeliki Poulou, Kathimerimi

"The world of music is laid before us in this show, the despair of an artist, the stubbornness of the powerful, the love of creation."

"Relaxed structure, surreal stage direction, [...] jazzy live music (by Nikos Kypourgos!). The result is borderline dreamy, even for grown-ups."

"Amazing [...] It indicts the evils of the musical world, the smart-ass connoisseurs, the learned lovers of everything foreign, the uncultured rich." Nikos Sarafianos,

"The result is once again stunning and the 3 singing actors manage to astonish the audience."