"I trusted [...] The Beggars' Operas for their talent, but also because I was interested in seeing my work afresh. The wonderful new result belongs to them." Nikos Kypourgos, Eleftherotypia

Silence, the King is Listening (Siopi, o vasilias akouei, 1993)
Musical – Commisioned by the Athens Concert Hall Organization
Dedicated to the memory of John Cage

Music: Nikos Kypourgos
Text: Thomas Moschopoulos (with the collaboration of the composer)

Orchestration-Musical coaching: Kharálampos Goyós
Stage direction: Marianna Calbari
Set-costumes: Constantinos Zamanis
Lighting design: Nikos Sotiropoulos
Sound design: Giwrgos Poulios, Yiorgis Sakellariou

Assistant director: Angeliki Marinou
Assistant scenographer-costume designer: Kyriaki Bouska
Sound operator: Giwrgos Poulios | Yiorgis Sakellariou

Production manager: Gabriella Triantafyllis

The Muse: Ioanna Forti
The Musician: Dimitris Dimopoulos
The King: Zafiris Koutelieris

ARTéfacts ensemble
Dimitris Bakeas | Alexandros Michailidis, clarinet
Andreas Nikolouzos | Sotiris Pepelas, trumpet
Christos Sakellaridis | Beata Pincetic, piano
Sofia Efklidou | Tasos Misyrlis, cello

Piano solo (school performances): Dimitra Kakaki

First performance: December 21, 2009, BIOS, Athens
79 performances

Co-produced by BIOS