"Fresh blood in Greek opera [...] People talking about 'a fresh breeze in opera' are on to something." Elias Maglinis, Kathimerini

"An impressively well-written libretto that rehabilitated the notion of darkly humorous psychodrama, and an exhaustingly rich musical work that flirted with musical literature as well as post-modern operatic philosophy, containing endless experimentations with rhythm and orchestration." Iliana Dimadi, Αthinorama

"Startling and moving, moving because it's startling. [...] An unexpected blast of modern lyric theatre, but with a personal touch." Nikos Sarafianos, avopolis.gr

"A shattering production that revealed a whole talented generation hitherto hidden from the general public. [...] As if the aura of Hadjidakis's game [...] blessed this group from nowhere to focus on a never-before-heard essence, which may shock music lovers but imparts a new-found ethos on the work." etalon-etalon.blogspot.com

“[A] complex, weird work that made justice to the novel [...] a very interesting avant-garde work, quite sarcastic and cynical.” parsifal79.blogspot.com

"A torment that lasted around three hours [...]. Even an experienced martyr like Saint Sebastian couldn't stand it." Lia Paralia, Pontiki Art