"The popular opera 'Trovatore' in its most lively, fresh, euphoric, attractive and vigorous rendering." Maria Katsounaki, Kathimerimi

"'Something' happened to those of us who managed to see Verdi's 'Trovatore' at BIOS: we fell in love." Iliana Dimadi, Athinorama

"The kids who did this show [...] washed 'Trovatore' clean [...] and gave back to us a new and unsullied, great popular work – exactly what it is." Yorgos Sarigiannis, Ta Nea

"Among the most interesting operatic experiences of the last years." Kyriakos Loukakos, Avgi

"An unadorned 'Trovatore' full of knowledge, life and emotion" Maria Katsounaki, Kathimerini

"The unconventional staging worked in favour of the drama, treating the audience as part of the story, the unmediated music [...] took aback the startled public, that was used to watching opera as an... exotic, emotionally uninvolving genre." Olga Moschohoritou, Imerisia

"Whoever missed Verdi's 'Trovatore' by The Beggars' Operas should regret it!" Antigoni Karali, Ethnos

"Fresh, daring, youthful, technically solid, both inventive and well-founded" To pontiki

“How many times have you heard Trovatore? [...] Well, forget everything you knew about it.”

“I found myself wishing that more people could enjoy the sold-out, refreshingly different take on Verdi’s much-loved masterpiece” Katerina Voussoura, Kathimerini

"Did they really have to mess with 'Trovatore'?" Pontiki Art